What we do

TerraStor enables electrical grids to achieve 100% renewable penetration by developing grid-scale, long-duration energy storage systems. We deploy advanced compressed air energy storage (ACAES) technology to create giant mechanical batteries, utilizing free and abundant air and natural geology for a clean, simple, and economic storage solution.

what problem are we solving

The energy transition cannot happen without cheap and effective energy storage. Renewable energy is intermittent by nature. As renewable penetration grows past ~25% on any particular grid, this intermittency creates a major challenge for grid operations, which must constantly balance electricity supply with demand. Energy storage is therefore needed to absorb the intermittent supply of renewable energy and dispatch it to the grid reliably, enabling a full energy transition.

how are we solving this problem

TerraStor’s ACAES plants provide very large-scale storage solutions to the grid that are responsive, flexible, and very cost effective. Our plants offer long duration (8+ hours) to very long duration (24+ hours) storage at grid-scale power output (100+ MW) to meet a variety of grid needs in balancing local renewable energy supply.

How our solution is different

Our plants are larger in scale and longer in storage duration than competing technologies.

Our solution is mechanically simple and utilizes abundant features of nature (air and geology) to offer the most economic
grid-scale storage solution, particularly for long-duration storage.

Our solution is commercial-ready, leveraging existing technologies from the oil and gas and power industries.

The construction and operation of our plants do not depend on supply-constrained raw materials or significant land use.